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The Pharmacy joins forces with Norman indie band



Seattle punk band The Pharmacy  is in the midst of a sprawling tour that will hit around 70 venues coast to coast. They are stopping at the Opolis on the way through, in part to pick up a tourmate, Mickey Reece, the lone gunman of Norman's El Paso Hot Button.

"We met him in Ft. Worth or somewhere around there," said Pharmacy drummer Brendhan Bowers. "He offered to let us stay at his house "¦ then he got us to work with him on an R&B song. At first we weren't sure, but then he played a beat on his drum machine and told us to go for it, so we started freestyle rapping. You can probably find it somewhere on the Internet."

The track, "100 Moof," also features Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches and the only known copy exists on Reece's laptop.

It was just another experiment for the band to stretch itself musically. The guys all play each other's instruments, which then provides a well of ideas on how to arrange the guitar, drum and keyboard parts.

"(Guitarist) Scottie (Yoder) is always writing a lot of new songs, so he will teach them to us while we're on the road," said Bowers. "It's a world of music " you can think about it forever." "Charles Martin

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