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The Pig Farm



As the feature-length documentary "The Pig Farm" informs us, his victims may number as many as 49, although he was convicted of a mere six. That's because he was apparently very good at hiding all evidence of any crime being committed; you can't convict someone on scads of missing women alone.

A grade-school failure who became a meat cutter by trade, Pickton is painted as an oddball by the doc, but mostly due to his own words (much use is made of his audio diaries) and actions, such as using a penis to make a belt. He preyed upon crack whores and may have fed his victims to his pigs. At one point, the number of vanished females in the area was so high, TV's America's Most Wanted put up a $100,000 reward for information.

Although full of facts that paint a chilling portrait, The Pig Farm is too "TV newsmagazine" for a documentary of this length. Something with such startling crimes and theories should be as unsettling as 2009's "Cropsey." Try that one on for size instead. —Rod Lott

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