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The Prehistoric Collection: From Dinosaurs to the Dawn of Man




With "Land of the Lost" primed to burn up some summer box office, dinosaurs will be once again "in" ... assuming they were ever "out" in the first place. A&E Home Video responds with "The Prehistoric Collection," an eight-disc of previously released series and specials in one nifty package.

The first two discs may prove the biggest draw, with a dozen episodes of "Jurassic Fight Club," in which CGI animation shows what tussles between certain kinds of dinos. It's cool ... for a while. However, kids not so bothered by repetition may enjoy it more than adults. That goodwill is not likely to be extended by them to the extinction-oriented "Prehistoric Megastorms," which may contain too much science and not enough action.

The final disc includes "Journey to 10,000 B.C.," which originally tied in with the Roland Emmerich caveman epic "10,000 B.C." This documentary is everything the movie was not: low-budget, interesting, informative, entertaining and occasionally exciting. "Journey" is still a little long for this sort of thing, but viewers who thrilled to the acclaimed "Walking with Dinosaurs," which is similar in scope and presentation, will gladly eat this up like a caveman gnawing on a hunk of meat. (And for that sort of thing, flip over to "Clash of the Cavemen" on disc two.) 

"?Rod Lott


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