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The Rape of Europa



Reviewer's grade: B+


"The Rape of Europa" is a public-television-style documentary about the fate of European art treasures in World War II. Before the war even started, Hitler created whole factions of people to steal, catalog and ship priceless works of art in countries he planned to invade, and implemented plans to steal collections from private Jewish citizens in occupied countries.


This doc tells the story of that art: what was stolen, what was tragically destroyed, and the ongoing process of undoing what the Nazis did more than 60 years ago. It covers a lot of ground, and many of the story threads are worthy of their own documentaries; however, the material itself is so compelling and the scope of Hitler's criminal genius so broad that the skimming over of certain events by the filmmakers is understandable.


A must-see for art lovers, Nazi haters, and students of art history, this unspools Thursday through Sunday at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. NR 


"?Michael Robertson  


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