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The Reinvention of Moxie Roosevelt - Elizabeth Cody Kimmel



Moxie Roosevelt has one unforgettable name. Unfortunately, she's convinced she doesn't have the personality "? some would say moxie "? to go with it.

But, she's starting at a new school, Eaton Academy, where no one will know the Old Moxie. She comes up with a plan: Choose a New Moxie, someone who can handle the name. She whittles her choices down to four distinct personas "? cool chick, earthy girl, sports nut or impassioned activist "? and sets off.

But of course, it all goes terribly wrong, as is wont to do. She starts being someone different to each new friend: vegetarian to one girl, a corn dog lover to another; a Wicca to one girl, and an Iggy Pop aficionado to another. The more she tries to keep it all straight, the more convoluted and confused the real Moxie becomes.

"Moxie Roosevelt" is a perfect read for that tween contemplating high school and just where she fits. It's so easy for younger girls to try on a rigid impersonation of who they think they should be, and reading Moxie's truthful, often-hilarious journey to understanding she's a little bit of all of those personas is a great lesson hidden in an engaging book.

Elizabeth Cody Kimmel tells the story in a sharp, quirky tone, with a first-person look at the world through Moxie's eyes. It all comes together wonderfully in the end, yet doesn't make things too tidy to be believable. "?Jenny Coon Peterson

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