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The Rev. Paul 'Blair's religious entertainment value is priceless'



It would appear the Rev. Paul Blair blows with the wind in order to support his arguments (Commentary, "Counterpoint: Precedents justify SQ 755," Nov. 17, Gazette). While disenfranchising gay Oklahomans with his various Sally Kern crusades, while using undefined and unexplained terms to scare people to Jesus by spreading purposeful falsehoods about gay Oklahomans, he suddenly asks for understanding of his views by including homosexuals among those wronged by Islam.

He seems to be arguing to let his people condemn homosexuality because they have a God-given right to do that. It's as if he is saying, "It's our misguided bigotry. Leave it to us."

This pastor who claims that while he trucks with no homosexuals, knows more about them than they do themselves, claims to know all about us. Now, as someone who does not truck with those of the Islamic faith, he claims to know all about them, too.

Read his arguments again. This is a man who hates those he does not know, and as he condemns Islam for what he believes is forcing their religion on the rest of the world, especially America. He and his minions do the same as if it is OK for them, and them alone. The very things he condemns about Islam, he espouses in the name of his own chosen religion.

The tragicomic aspects are entertaining to any thinking person. He seems not to see the beam in his own eye as he runs around looking for specks in the eyes of others.

I send excerpts from the Gazette to people I know personally all over the world, and some check it out weekly on the Internet. Some are important religious leaders. Blair's religious entertainment value is priceless, and I am sure he has no idea how "Simpsons"-esque he appears to the world.

On another point I won't belabor: When it comes to the Oklahoma City Public Schools strategic plan (News, Clifton Adcock, "Lesson plans," Nov. 17, Gazette), ask if there are any classroom teachers who are actually near the children on the committee. Why does the district fear and hate those who are in the rooms with your kids?

"Joe Quigley

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