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Anderson Cooper, aka CNN's Silver Fox, named an Oklahoma prisoner to his RidicuList during an episode last week of "Anderson Cooper 360."

Inmate Justin Walker, or "Jus N Walk," as Cooper pointed out he's known on Facebook, was the subject of the Dec. 2 segment. Added Cooper, "Frankly, his online name is enough to get him on the RidicuList, in my opinion. But wait, there's more."

Like many relatives from our trashy side of the family, Walker posted pics of himself partying " "drinking booze, taking bong hits," explained Cooper " but that wasn't what landed him on the list.

"Get this," Cooper said, "Justin is heavily into an altogether different kind of bar scene ... behind bars." Puns!
No, but really. Walker posted all this from prison? Seriously? Apparently, prison has better Internet access than us.

Anyway, let's let Cooper explain: "Justin managed to post all this stuff from his prison cell. He's serving a 30-year sentence for killing an Oklahoma sheriff."

Walker might not be the sharpest detainee on the prison block. His posting shenanigans got him moved from medium to maximum security and he got his Blackberry confiscated. "Oh, yeah," Cooper quipped, "didn't I mention "¦ he had a Blackberry?" That's it: Prison is officially more plush than CFN headquarters.

The smartphone probably didn't get Walker in as much trouble as this next little item he was also found with: weed. Yes, marijuana.

"One of the Facebook pictures actually showed a big, plastic bag of weed," Cooper said incredulously. "Now it may be even longer before 'Jus N Walk' walks out of prison," finished Cooper with a zing.

Poor Walker, now what will he do to pass the time? It's almost like he's receiving punishment for murder. Oh, wait. 

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