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Singer/songwriter and "The Rocker" cast member Teddy Geiger wrote most of the soundtrack to the comedy, about has-been musician Robert "Fish" Fishman, a role performed by actor Rainn Wilson, best known for his Dwight Schrute character on TV's "The Office." 

Geiger, who sings alongside Wilson in A.D.D., has a great voice and a smooth, sentimental delivery. "Living for the First Time" is restrained and well-written, with soaring choruses, cymbal crashes and simple guitar and piano accents.

"Bitter" is sweet. Faster, with sawtooth synthesizers buzzing behind acoustic guitars, Geiger sings earnestly about walking away from an unrequited love, noting he's "not bitter "¦ but he's seen better days."

Leading Vesuvius, pop singer Keith England, usually a jazz and lounge standards performer, taps Los Angeles' Sunset Strip for an attempted parody of Eighties hair metal acts in "Promised Land" and "Pompeii Nights," but the spandex doesn't quite fit.

"?Joe Wertz

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