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The Rocker



Reviewer's grade: D

Eighties glam-metal band Vesuvius "? a fictional group in the comedy "The Rocker" "? didn't give its drummer a chance to rock out with its lucrative record deal. The band replaced its stickman, while dejected Robert "Fish" Fishman (Rainn Wilson, "Juno," TV's "The Office") tried to move on. Fishman's fat, nerd nephew, Matt (Josh Gad, "21," TV's "Back to You"), is preparing his garage band, A.D.D., for its big prom-night debut, when the drummer gets suspended and grounded.

Enter Uncle Fishman, who helps the group through the prom gig, and eventually becomes a member of the group, often embarrassing keyboard-playing Matt, tough-chick bassist Amelia (Emma Stone, "The House Bunny," "Superbad") and broody emo bandleader Curtis (real-life broody emo rocker Teddy Geiger). Halfway between an over-the-top comedy and a Disney movie, "The Rocker" is stale and boring.

Being super-serious and out-of-touch, Fishman's character is basically Wilson's Dwight Schrute character from "The Office," which is why it's so offensive to watch him fail so miserably at performing it. PG-13 

"?Joe Wertz 


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