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The Romantic Disaster embraces aching hearts with Hi-Lo Valentine's Day show



Valentine's Day can end up being a romantic disaster.

This year, the Hi-Lo Club is embracing tragedy by inviting those single, taken or otherwise to a free Valentine's Day show featuring upcoming and aptly named local rockers The Romantic Disaster.


But there's a lot more to the new Oklahoma City group than a name reminiscent of a tragic love story.

The Romantic Disaster has been around for four months, but despite playing less than 15 shows together, all four members are veterans of the metro's music scene.

Singer Hannah Wolff and John London formed the band, bringing together a mix of diverse music experiences. London has served in local pop-rock bands The Stellas and 13 Stars, among others, while Wolff has been performed here for years as a singer/songwriter. Together, they've woven both styles into what they describe as a whole lot of fun.

"John is a big influence, because I'm a singer/songwriter, and John wanted to do poppy, fast, marketable, radio-friendly (music)," Wolff said. "We just tried to meet in the middle. I learned a lot and learned a new way to write."

Guitarist/singer Jerod Vance and bassist Bobby Rad, who both have backgrounds in hard rock, round out the act, which Wolff said results in a more accessible collection of songs.

"It catches people's ears quicker," she said. "With singer/songwriter, you've got to be in the mood for it, and this is like an instant grabber of attention. I'm having a blast. I've never had so much fun than playing with these guys."

Rad recently moved to the metro from Louisville, Ky. He quickly joined The Romantic Disaster and grew fond of the Oklahoma music scene.

"Other places, it seems like everyone's fighting and trying to get somewhere, and here, everyone clicks with each other," he said. "You can have a show here with a singer/songwriter, a pop band, a hardcore punk band and a high school pop-punk band, and everyone gets along. There's no feuding at all."

The four-piece is currently writing and rehearsing material for its upcoming "Full Blooded Fool" EP with producer and Starlight Mints front man Allan Vest, who is helping impart a "unique spin" on the new songs.

"We're trying to bring the rock, and he's trying to bring the quirky uniqueness to it," Wolff said. "It's coming out really cool. Our differences are making something new."

The group has been impressed with Vest's focus on details and nuance.

"He literally will, like, analyze every part of the song and make it coherent," Wolff said. "I've just learned so much from him doing it his way. This first EP is a product of the last year of us learning and kind of building a music relationship with Allan and meeting in the middle."

The Romantic Disaster has a three-song album available now, and will release the new EP March 7. "Lacey Lett

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