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A weekend getaway, bikini-clad youthful curves and a few (too many) adult cocktails near a body of water. Ever since "Friday the 13th" laid the groundwork, the recipe has tasted familiar. But instead of a campsite, the college kids in "The Ruins" opt for a trip abroad that "? at least for a while "? is just fun in the sun.

But not for Jeff (Jonathan Tucker), a dour party pooper who craves excitement beyond the tan lines and margaritas his girlfriend (Jena Malone) and pals enjoy endlessly. So when a German guy mentions an archeological dig not on the maps, Jeff convinces the rest of the crew to make the trek.

They find the ruins, and some irate villagers. The crew flees back to the top of the pyramid and hides out as the villagers slowly encircle the structure and set up camp, making sure they can't leave. To make things worse, something on the pyramid is haunting and taunting them, and eventually starts killing off the group.

 "The Ruins" has a few genuine startles and icky moments, but doesn't pitch any real genre curves. If you are at all familiar with Scott Smith's novel, this film is likely a total skipper, but the horror reveal might make an interesting watch for someone with low expectations.

There is a fair bit of bone snapping, amputation and subcutaneous skin wigglies, but if you are looking for a mind-bending fright fest, "The Ruins" ain't your kinda dig.

"?Joe Wertz


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