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The Ruins



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Four college kids head are on vacation in the Yucatan when they hear about an adventure they can't refuse: uncharted Mayan ruins in the middle of the Mexican jungle "? sign me up! The group is led by a squirrely haired German boy (Joe Anderson, "Across the Universe") whose brother is supposedly at the dig site. Eager-beaver Jeff (Jonathan Tucker, "In the Valley of Elah") is more excited than his girlfriend (Jena Malone, "Into the Wild") and their coupled pals (Shawn Ashmore, "X-Men: The Last Stand" and Laura Ramsey, "She's the Man").

They find the ruins and some angry villagers who set up camp around the haunted Mayan pyramid won't let them leave. A few surprises, gross-outs and a panty-clad self-mutilation scene (rad!), but nothing truly horrifying "¦ especially if you have read the Scott Smith book of the same name. R

"?Joe Wertz 


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