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The smell of collusion?



Credit: Brad Gregg

Specifically, Inhofe smells collusion between the White House,
federal agencies and Organizing for Action (OFA), an advocacy group —
all to promote the Obama administration’s initiative on climate change.

Aug. 14, the senator fired off a letter to the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) and Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).

He groused
that the OFA had released a list of members of Congress who dispute
manmade climate change at roughly the same time that the White House and
CEQ were holding environmental advocacy events in New England.

OFA is now engaging in political activities and it appears as though
they are closely coordinating efforts with EPA and CEQ, negating their
independence,” Inhofe wrote. “The involvement of CEQ and EPA at these
events, highlighting the work of OFA, brings a level of legitimacy to an
otherwise dubious organization.”

contends the Hatch Act is being violated and is demanding copies of all
correspondence relating to the events in question. The Hatch Act, in
case you were
wondering, makes it illegal for most federal employees in the executive
branch to engage in political campaign activities.

seems to be a coincidental coordination between the White House, the
president’s campaign, and the liberal media that is weaving a false and
potentially harmful narrative of alarmism,” Inhofe charged in a written
statement. “This agenda will leave our nation less secure, less
prosperous and less informed.”

the EPA and CEQ assert there was no coordination with the OFA. Somehow,
we suspect that won’t mollify the senator who has called manmade
climate change “the greatest hoax ever.”

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