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Despite chronic dishevelment, an unkempt persona and a tendency toward thrift store suits, photographic evidence has surfaced to prove that Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne does scrub-a-dub in the tub, or at least did so in 2007 " possibly in blood.

A blurry image snapped by the roving, van-mounted lens of Google's 360-degree Street View camera emerged late last month, apparently showing Coyne and his wife sitting in a bathtub on his front lawn beneath a hand-painted sign that read "Blob in the bath."

Coyne confirmed the photo's authenticity to True/Slant, telling the Internet news network that the picture was snapped as he and a roadie readied Halloween party props to "scare the shit out of these little kids from the neighborhood."

Coyne and company were unaware the Google cam-van drove down N.W. 13th Street, where the singer lives.

The prop was rigged to "boil like a cauldron," reported London's The Daily Telegraph, which found Halloween party photos posted on MySpace of Coyne perched on a commode next to the bathtub. Coyne wore a long white wig and both tub and toilet were splattered with fake blood, the newspaper reported.

"People have been coming up to me for the last month or so telling me about it " but it's almost three years old," Coyne told True/Slant. "But a car that drives around on every street with a 360-degree camera? We live in fucking good times, don't we?"

We do, indeed.

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