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The Solomon code



It sounds like something that could involve being on the run from an albino monk who moonlights in assassinations. In fact, someone get Tom Hanks on the horn. On second thought, Nic Cage. He has those IRS problems, so he's more likely to work cheap.

We're talking about the two Edmond college representatives who recently helped unearth King Solomon's royal city in Jerusalem. According to a press release from Herbert W. Armstrong College, archeology instructor Brent Nagtegaal and senior Harley Breth spent eight weeks as volunteers on an excavation at the foot of the famed Temple Mount.

Working under Hebrew University's Eilat Mazar, the team uncovered a city wall estimated to be from the 10th century BCE. Mazar believes King Solomon himself built it. In fact, the archeologist not only believes it, but "postulate(s) with a great degree of assurance that the wall is that which was built by King Solomon." (And when's the last time you postulated? That's too long; CFN hears it may ward off prostate cancer.)

Nagtegaal stated in the release that, "After a year hiatus from excavating, I was chomping at the bit to return to Jerusalem and continue digging in the ancient royal quarter, and this excavation didn't disappoint!"

No word on whether giant boulders or melting faces were involved.

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