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Coffee, tea or "¦ sex? The answer is obvious for the cast of "The Stewardesses," a 1969 softcore cheapie that would've crashed and burned had it not been the first sex film shot in 3-D.

Unless you frequented Times Square grindhouse theaters at the time, it's unlikely you've ever seen these sexy stews, although the cult-film contingent is at least aware of it. Shout! Factory has given it a splashy, deluxe release that makes the movie better it really is.

Truth be told, it's not a "good" movie, but it's not terrible. Kinda soapy, kinda silly, it's generally plotless, with pilots making it with attendants in sunny locales. Every excuse is made to get the actresses naked, but don't mistake it for hardcore pornography; it's naughty, but almost charmingly so in its jet-set, swingin' '60s way; nothing explicit is shown.

Yes, the DVD is in 3-D, and its 40-year-old effects are better than the current "My Bloody Valentine," whether viewed in color or black-and-white (both versions are included). It takes advantage of the technology, including some arty, surrealist scenes.

The cast and crew "? all standup people, no sleazebags "? reunite for a 20-minute retrospective, which places the skin flick in an accurate cultural perspective. There's also a funny "SCTV" parody of the movie, a short about the history of 3-D and six minutes of impressive, balloon-laden lens test footage. Get those glasses ready for takeoff!

"?Rod Lott


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