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The Strangers



Reviewer's grade: C-

Liv Tyler ("Reign Over Me") and Scott Speedman ("Underworld: Evolution") star as a couple terrorized by masked home invaders one night in an isolated house. The movie is a 90-minute game of "gotcha" as the yuppies can't defend themselves with a loaded shotgun against three nutjobs with an ax and a kitchen knife. Maybe the masks just freak them out too much. Hell, they freaked me out for about 30 minutes, too, but the movie's other hour just rushed by like an elephant with broken ankles.

Horror movies are supposed to reflect a societal fear du jour. Judging by this one, what we're most scared of is the fact that nothing makes any sense. Hollywood needs to get with the existential program"?nothing's made sense for a long time. The picture gets off to a good start but turns mediocre quicker than you can say "Bologna and Miracle Whip sandwich on white bread." R

"?Doug Bentin


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