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The Universe: The Complete Season One






Never before have I wanted an HDTV so bad. The four-disc set of The History Channel's "The Universe" contains images so astounding, they make you gasp and "ahhh" like a 9-year-old at the planetarium.


What makes it even better is, unlike a copy of "Into the Blue," the eye candy in "The Universe" is educational, real and mind-blowing. Divided into sections like "Alien Galaxies," "The Moon," "Secrets of the Sun" and "Saturn: Lord of the Rings," the documentary series boasts sweeping images of space, planets and galaxies, with explanation and commentary from a cadre of knowledgeable scientists.


These can get a little dense if you aren't a space geek, but are articulate and simple enough to get into, and the astounding visual appeal makes viewers hungry for information.


Earth's place in the universe and how scientific reasoning can explain, predict and decrypt our world "? and those beyond "? are central themes throughout the series. It's a must-buy for any parent with curious kids or any teacher trying to churn science excitement.


"?Joe Wertz

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