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The Untouchables: Season 1, Volume 1




My parents' friends were appalled by the fact that I got to watch "The Untouchables" on television every week. It was easily one of the most violent TV programs ever, but the rat-a-tat of Chicago typewriters was one of the main attractions for me, along with the vintage cars.


Robert Stack starred as stiff-backed federal Prohibition agent Eliot Ness. On the show, Ness and his squad took the place of every law enforcement officer in the country between 1929 and the late Thirties, bringing to heel all the big-name gangsters and outlaws. It was fun, but it was about as historically accurate as "Blazing Saddles."


The show comes to DVD for the first time, and this four-disc set contains the feature film edited from the two-part series pilot, and 14 of the first season's 28 episodes. Picture quality is fine for a nearly 50-year-old series.


As usual with old TV, you can see many movie stars on the wane "? Claire Trevor is wonderfully manic as Ma Barker "? and unknowns on the way up "? Louise Fletcher is also in the Barker Gang episode, 16 years before her Oscar for playing Nurse Ratched in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."


"?Doug Bentin

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