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A jarring piece of docudrama filmmaking that retains its power to disturb more than 40 years later, Peter Watkins' searing film about nuclear war and its terrifying aftermath in a typical English city was deemed too intense and violent to broadcast by the BBC in 1965, becoming a theatrical release instead. Deliberately low-budget and filmed away from studio sets, "The War Game" is a gripping blend of sobering fact and realistic fiction that doesn't let up.
Included in this release is Watkins' lesser-known "? but just as compelling "? "Culloden," a dramatization of the last battle to ever take place on British soil in 1746. While not as compact and immediate as "The War Game," "Culloden" still manages to capture the maddening futility of warfare.
As part of New Yorker Video's ongoing Peter Watkins series, "The War Game" finally arrives on American shores, with "Culloden" in tow "? each film includes a scholarly commentary track, with a 12-page booklet outlining the tortuous genesis of "The War Game" completing the package. Highly recommended.

"?Preston Jones


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