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As soon as its wonderful animated opening credits finish, however, The Wicked reveals its true nature as your below-average, everyday, unimaginative horror movie. It’s wicked, all right — just not in the word’s positive connotation.

Although not to be confused with the Broadway smash Wicked, this flick also is about a witch (Cassie Keller, Hostel: Part III). She’s rumored to be an urban legend, until a quartet of A-hole teenagers going camping learns otherwise. The heroes, however, are younger: picked-upon Max (Devon Werkheiser, TV’s Greek) and his tomboy friend, Sammy (Diana Hopper), whose reputation for making prank phone calls to the police bites them in the ass when they need help most.

Directed by Peter Winther (The Librarian: Quest for the Spear) and written by Michael Vickerman (The Haunting of Sorority Row), the movie plays like a long-delayed retread of the 2003 sleeper hit Darkness Falls, but much less memorable or effective.

It sorta kinda feels as if preteens were the target, which may be why the dialogue is so eye-rolling awful. Three notable examples:
1. A cop to Max: "Shut your smelly dickhole!"
2. Sammy to Max: "I'll take a crap in it if it'll work, just hurry!"
3. Max to Witch: "Abracadbra, ugly bitch!"

Any of those lines on its own should say it all. —Rod Lott

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