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The Wicker Man





This is the real "Wicker Man," the one released in 1973 and starring Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee. Woodward is a mainland policeman sent to the off-Scotland island of Summerisle to locate a young girl who's gone missing. Funny thing about the local population: They deny knowing the girl and they act funny. Like pagans.
This goes right up the copper's nose, so much so that he can't see how the people are maneuvering him right into disaster. It's an odd film that was sold as a horror movie, mainly because of Lee's presence as Lord Summerisle, but Anthony Shaffer ("Sleuth," "Frenzy") has written a black comedy about Puritanism going belly-up.
Hunt around for the edition of this movie that comes in a wooden box. It includes the usual making of, plus two versions of the film. The European cut has more nudity, and we're talking a young Britt Ekland and the toothsome Ingrid Pitt. Yummy. Recommended for adults who like something extra blended into their thrillers.

"?Doug Bentin


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