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The Wild Wild West actor's remains move to Norman



After being buried in Florida for more than three decades, the remains of diminutive actor Michael Dunn have relocated to SunsetMemorial Park in Norman. So take that, Paris, with your Jim Morrison grave!


Dunn " born Gary Miller in Shattuck " is best known for his recurring role as the evil Dr. Loveless on the Sixties' campy cult television series "The Wild Wild West." Despite standing a mere 3-foot-10, Dunn found much success in Hollywood, from guest-starring on "Star Trek" to receiving an Academy Award nomination for best Supporting Actor in director Stanley Kramer's 1965 all-star drama "Ship of Fools."


According to family members, when Dunn died in Europe in 1973, his parents had retired in Florida, and had him buried there. However, not long after, they moved back to Oklahoma, in Bethany, and always wanted to move their son's body with them, but never quite got around to it. Recently, however, Dunn's cousins made it happen, reuniting him with his now-deceased parents in Norman.


Before he died in Europe, Dunn reportedly was approached to take the leading role in "The Tin Drum," a film that famously caused a furor 10 years ago in his own home state.

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