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The X-Files: Volume 2 and 3



Checker Publishing

With the "X-Files" sequel just a few more months from hitting theaters, fans can satiate their need for all things Mulder and Scully with "The X-Files: Volume 2" and "Volume 3," Checker Publishing's last two collections of the Topps Comics issues of the Nineties.

Investigations in "Volume 2" involve mysterious night lights that fry humans into skeletons, a camera that captures its subjects' souls (this one written by best-selling sci-fi author Kevin J. Anderson), and good ol' Bigfoot. "Volume 3" treads more supernatural ground, with donated organs being taken back from their new owners, a cursed coat and a snow creature, among other spooky subjects. It also includes two tales adapted from fan-favorite episodes "Fire" and "Ice."

Charles Adlard provides most of the art, but I prefer John Van Fleet's more stylized approach, whose panels almost looked like he painted over screen captures from the series. All in all, these are fun, essential reads for those who think new adventures of the FBI team can't come fast enough.

"?Rod Lott

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