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The X-Files: Volume One



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Checker Publishing

With all nine seasons of "The X-Files" newly available in one DVD set, it's easy to remember what a cultural powerhouse the series was in the Nineties. Proof of that lies in the extension of the brand to other media, including comics.

For roughly 40 issues, the paranormal investigations of FBI Agents Mulder and Scully played out on the four-color page; Checker Publishing's "The X-Files: Volume One" collects seven of them.

Except for two issues that ably adapt the show's pilot and an episode concerning a unique serial killer, the stories are original, taking our team to:
" check out an alien spacecraft,
" infiltrate a militia group,
" solve a Bermuda Triangle mystery and
" bring down a computer program that sends humans on violent rages.

Initially, the art is a little jarring, but improves as the book progresses. However, the stories prove alluring (and comforting to fans in "X" withdrawal), immediately drawing you in with an aim to get you addicted. It succeeds, and luckily, Checker has two other volumes now available.

"?Rod Lott

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