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Hailing from Austin, Texas, lo-fi punk act Dikes of Holland is wrapping up its biggest tour to date, supporting Black Joe Lewis and recent Rolling Stone cover artists The Sheepdogs. This has seen them at their very best and very worst.

“It’s been mixed,” said singer/ guitarist J.P. Bohon. “We played one of our best shows ever in San Diego, and then we played in Fresno two nights later for some 50-plusyear-old couples, and some of them asked for their money back while we were playing. It’s all been positive, even those sort of shows. You might as well just go even more crazy if people are going to be scared by it.”

The addition of dynamo masked singer Liz Burrito has electrified the Dikes’ energy at shows, which admittedly — and purposefully — aren’t perfect re-creations of their recorded material.

“It’s just fun to get crazy live. That’s what it comes down to,” Bohon said.

“As a band, we are really good about having a good time first and worrying about musicianship second. You want to hear a record played perfectly, you can buy it and take it home to listen. If you want to see a show, you go see a show.”

The band doesn’t slack on disc, however. Having released its self-titled album last December, the group is in the process of recording a follow-up that should see the light of day soon.

“We’ve got eight recorded songs and plenty more on the way,” Bohon said, noting it should be out before South by Southwest in March.

“It’s still got that lo-fi vibe, but a lot of it’s heavier. It’s a visceral energy, but definitely different.”

In the meantime, Bohon is excited to return to Oklahoma tonight to perform for friends and family; he and bassist Trey Reimer grew up here and attended Norman High School before making the move to Austin. The pair are proud to see how the city has grown in their absence.

“It seems like Norman really has a scene now. When we were growing up, it was Chainsaw Kittens and Starlight Mints, and that was it,” Bohon said. “It’s nice to see Norman branching out with music, art and stuff like that. It’s a cool time.”

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