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There's something about Sharia



Just when we think it can't get any more embarrassing, we read this headline from ABC News: "Islamic Sharia Law to be Banned in, ah, Oklahoma."

Yeah, we can hear you snickering, ABC.

So here's what's happening over at our levelheaded, not-at-all-nutty Legislature. Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, is behind the "Save Our State" amendment. Which is not at all of a grandiose name. (Continuing on a theme, CFN readers may remember Duncan for refusing to accept a centennial copy o' the Quran in 2007.)

Anyway, this supposed state-saving measure includes banning any consideration of Sharia law " which is a governing law in Islam that tends to be favored by hard-line Muslims " in Oklahoma courts. Not to mention the fact that Muslims make up just a tiny portion of the state's population. (We wonder why; we're oh-so-friendly to them.)

Duncan says this is a preventative measure " actually, the words he used were "pre-emptive strike," according to ABC News. You don't say!

"I see this in the future somewhere in America," Duncan told ABC News. "It's not an imminent threat in Oklahoma yet, but it's a storm on the horizon in other states."

Know what else we predict is a storm on the horizon? Martians. We have it on good authority that they plan on taking over Oklahoma with their superior death rays and forcing us to incorporate their sinister laws into our judicial code. Just wait, we'll all be forced to wear turnips on our heads and praise the almighty Zul. Maybe Duncan should get another "pre-emptive strike" in and outlaw diabolical Martian law, too?

Oklahoma voters get to decide if this will be a new constitutional amendment in November. If it is passed, we'll be the first in the nation with such a law.

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