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Third Chance



Take that, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse”! Up yours, Justin Bieber! Eat dust, double rainbow guy! You stink, Old Spice!

of you were a match for Edmond middle-school moppet Greyson Chance. His
live performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” was the third most watched
YouTube video of 2010, according to the ever-popular website/ time-suck.
As of this writing, the clip had notched up more than 34 million views
since its April 28 debut. (Oy, that’s a lot of bottled angst!) Only a
Ke$ha parody and “Bed Intruder Song” bested our lil’ Chance, keeping him
from the top spot. Don’t worry, champ, you’re No. 1 in all our preteen
daughters’ hearts.

Speaking of, Chance is scheduled to
play two shows on Feb. 19, 2011, at Edmond Santa Fe High School to
benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

We can hear the squeals already.

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