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Third time’s a charm?



The Flaming Lips frontman has, from time to time, posted some rather evocative photos from the popular mobile app, which was why ’Gram gave him the boot in the first place. But it didn’t take long for Coyne to resurface that first time around, registering under a new handle (@wayneflaminglip) faster than you can say, “Areola.”

So with Coyne now under the scrupulous examination by prudish Instagram bureaucrats, he has opted for a more cordial approach to user name selection: @waynewontpostpicsofnakedwomen.

His first post from the new account contained the caption, “Sorry
everybody I got kicked off again, this is my new account... Ill try to
play by the rules!!!”

The image? The same one that got him kicked off in
the first (wait, second) place, only with the lady parts covered by
what appears to be that blue square emoji that contains the letters
“WC,” aka that emoji that nobody has ever used because they couldn’t
figure out what “WC” stands for. Thankfully, we now know.

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