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Three artists part of mixed-media Blue Apples exhibit



Blue Apples Gallery is hosting a new exhibit called "Within Individual Frames of Reference," with works by Ginger Barton, Carolyn Chandler and Almira Grammer.

The exhibit will be on display through Oct. 28 at the Blue Apples Gallery, 800 W. Rock Creek, Suite 117, in Norman.

Grammer's acrylics are locally oriented and influenced by her daily commute from home to work. Chandler's works focus on large flowers and still life, and Barton is a landscape artist who works with oil and watercolors.

At the same time, visitors can view the various media and styles of 29 artists making up the Apple Core, a group of artists who regularly have their work displayed at the gallery. Most of them are local, but some are from as far as North Dakota and British Columbia.

"Some of the painters are just starting out, and they aren't so well-known yet," said Ron Radcliff, owner of Blue Apples Gallery. "But with paintings, drawings, jewelry, sculptures and even furniture, I've got a little bit of everything for everybody. Even the teenagers like to show up to see the jewelry."

More than 40 pieces of artwork are on display and available for purchase. The gallery is free and open to the public Friday through Monday.

For more information, call 321-0342.

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