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Three new City Arts exhibits feature six local artists



Whether it's with a painting of a shaman's ritual, a photograph of a runner or a ram's skull on a metal pedestal, three metro exhibits each offer a distinct interpretation of art and perspective under one roof.

Running through Oct. 27, the City Arts Center exhibits give visitors the opportunity to view the works of six local and regional artists.

J. Lynn Kelly's group of oil paintings interpret themes common to religions and cultures around the world, while Corazon Watkins' works are influenced by music and incorporate abstract shapes with impressionistic colors.

"My inspiration comes from some of my favorite songs," Watkins said. "When I was painting them, I was thinking about the emotion that goes with painting and music."

The "Midnight Streak" photography exhibit is a compilation of pictures from three Oklahoma City photographers who documented the Midnight Streak run in July. Selected to record the annual event were:
" Romy Owens,
" Carolyn Rossow and
" Daisy Patton.

"The three of us were commissioned to commemorate the race in any way we saw fit," Owens said. "This exhibit shows our three different interpretations and covers the entire run. It's all photography, but we have different styles that we approached it with."

Much of Kolbe Roper mixed-media pieces have a playful element that can be interpreted in a dark way. All of the works exhibited reflect his "assembly line" approach to art, with repeating images as the backbone of each piece.

"All of my work is processed space that involves a lot of repetition," he said.

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