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Three Oklahoman men have dog-loving hearts and bad timing



Three young men from the tiny town of Wilson will either go down as heroes of a worthy cause or will be known as not having all their dogs on one leash.

The trio " 17-year-old Willie Justin Miller, 18-year-old James Thompson and 22-year-old Matthew Gonzalez " tried to pull off a daring rescue of a dog held by the city pound, according to The Associated Press. Like most young first-time criminals, they were caught.

The plot was simple: Break into the pound, turn off the security lights and, with wire cutters, unleash the hound from his locked cage, according to Wilson Police Chief Felix Hernandez. There was only one problem: the police officer standing at the front door when they left.

"The door to the pound was wide open, and there was a guy with the dog in his arms," Hernandez said. "The guy said that his dog had run away and he found him sitting in front of the pound. The officer knew the dog had been picked up (and) that the guy wasn't the dog's owner."

Curses! It was off to the human pound for the lads.

What would cause these usually law-abiding young men to turn to a criminal heist? According to the story, the dog, Luke, was picked up after wandering the streets. His owner, 53-year-old Saundra Vickers, died the next day.

Like in most small towns, rumors ran amuck that Luke was going to be put to sleep by the city, even before the hound could attend his owner's funeral. When the three young men heard of this, they cried "no!" and it was off to the bat cave.

Little did they know, Hernandez said, the city had no plans of sending old Luke to eternal sleep and would have returned the dog to the owner's family as soon as a fence was built on the family's property.

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