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Thrown in the joint



Credit: Brad Gregg

new law — signed, sealed and delivered by Gov. Mary Fallin — makes it a
crime to have any detectable amount of THC (or any other schedule 1
narcotic) and/or its inactive metabolites in your system while operating
a motor vehicle.

In other words, you could mow the grass on Monday and get arrested for it Tuesday.

Furthermore, heavy pot users conceivably could go an entire month without toking up and still be “under the influence.”

of marijuana legalization say HB 1441 is the result of the unscientific
per se law — meaning that a motorist who tests positive for a drug is
guilty per se, even if he or she isn’t actually under the
influence at the time. And if you test positive, well, at least you’ll
have time to sober up and ponder what you did in the high-tank.

At any rate, better think twice about that late-night trip to 7-Eleven, stoner.

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