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Thunder rolls



Credit: Brad Gregg

The proposed address is 208 Thunder Drive — sorta symbolic of the year (2008) the team relocated from Seattle to the 405. First, Thunder
officials must jump through a few bureaucratic hoops before the Oklahoma
City Council gets the final say-so.

the issue a likely slam-dunk at the council level, motorists should
beware. If you’re driving north on Robinson and about to enter downtown,
the name of the street will change — not once, but twice.

Once past the
arena on Thunder Drive, the road will magically revert back to being
Robinson. It isn’t expected to affect your equilibrium or anything so
serious, but unsuspecting drivers might feel a momentary urge to blame
Kendrick Perkins for something.

the way, the name change shouldn’t impact anyone’s mail delivery since
that portion of the road is fronted by a vacant building and parking
lot. The largest surrounding property owners are the city, the OKC Urban
Renewal Authority and the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

sounds harmless enough to us, but the Springsteen fan in us is just a
tiny bit miffed the Thunder bigwigs didn’t instead request “Thunder

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