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I am a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan. Kevin Durant is my favorite athlete. I went to his basketball summer camp a couple of years ago and got to meet him. He was chilled — a real nice guy.

When I heard he was going to star in his own movie, Thunderstruck, I was interested. After I saw the trailer, I wasn’t looking forward to seeing it, because the trailer made it look dumb.

It was dumb. It is corny, like a Disney Channel movie. That’s because most of the actors who are in it are bad, especially the main kid, Brian (Taylor Gray, TV’s Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures). He looks like he was from a lame Disney Channel show and has a wack haircut.

Thunderstruck is about a kid who accidentally gets Kevin Durant’s basketball powers after they touch a basketball at the same time. Then Brian becomes the star of his high school team and Kevin Durant goes into a slump. Brian was a nerd who sucked at basketball and then he was a popular kid who was good at basketball. He was shy before and then got cocky.

I feel like the trailer showed me everything. It’s a dumb story and I feel like I’ve seen it before. The jokes were overused and the people who say them are just bad.

The high school coach (Jim Belushi, TV’s According to Jim) is stupid. Coaches don’t act like that in real life. Brian’s girlfriend, Isabel (Tristin Mays), is not cute and the movie didn’t need a romance in it.

Kevin Durant’s agent (Brandon T. Jackson, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son) was good in his role. I guess he is the second-best person in the movie, behind Kevin Durant, of course.

Kevin Durant does OK for not being an actor. The way he is in this movie is the way he is in real life.

There is a commercial in the middle of the movie for his Nike KD IV shoes, which are real. It’s also at the end of the movie, but that was pointless. It didn't need to be in there and didn't have to do with any part of the movie.

I wouldn’t recommend Thunderstruck to anyone, except maybe little boys ages 5 to 10. I still like KD and the Thunder the same, but the movie is boring and dumb. I don’t want to see Kevin Durant do another movie, because he's better at basketball. —Harrison Lott

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