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'Tightening the noose'



other states have come to their senses about pot, both medical and
recreational and the associated prison reform. Once again, Oklahoma is
tightening the noose on its citizens.

When Oklahoma
uses human incarceration as a major economic model, it is helpful to
keep the private prisons and the legal system clogged with nonviolent
drug offenders. It’s legalized extortion on the public sector.

Will every driver be tested or will selective enforcement of this drug law be used to harass any suspicious-looking person?

Texting and driving is far more dangerous than THC in the blood from a trip to Denver two weeks ago, where it is legal.

again, it is the taxpayers who get to pay to enforce this draconian
drug law. Lockin’ em up costs taxpayers about $30,000 per year per

The main factor that draws young
professionals to Oklahoma is the giant purse called the oil and gas
industry. It surely isn’t because Oklahoma is a progressive state in any
other realm.

I would bet that Colorado and many other
states are enjoying a huge economic boon thanks to same-sex marriage and
marijuana reform, but it’s obvious they have no idea what the hell they
are doing.

—Ron Ferrell, Jones

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