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'Tik Tok,' Russell



But Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook definitely tunes into her.

The point guard not too long ago was caught jamming out before a game to the music of Ke$ha, who performed in Houston last night as part of the NBA All-Star Game festivities.

"It was the cutest, hottest thing ever to see a basketball player doing that to my song," the singer told Associated Press.

Westbrook might have more than a bit in common with the 25-year-old chanteuse. For example, both are known for eccentric wardrobe choices: Westbrook, for sporting hipster specs and quirkily patterned shirts; Ke$ha, for clothes made of roadkill.  

But, hey, perhaps the two are just trying, as she sings in “Die Young,” to “make the most of the night”?

Westbrook is not the only high-profile Ke$ha fan in OKC. Flaming Lips front man Wayne Coyne also has an affinity for her. The unlikely pair collaborated on a track last year for the band’s Heady Fwends project.

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