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Til Death Do Us Part: The Complete First Season




Shock director John Waters plays the pun-heavy host in the cable anthology series "'Til Death Do Us Part," whose first season is now collected in a three-disc box set. Other than his quip-filled intros and outros (think The Cryptkeeper, minus all the makeup), Waters has no creative involvement.

The show dramatizes actual cases of once-happy relationships gone terribly sour, to the point of involving a homicide. Usually centered on love triangles, where three's always a crowd, each 20-minute story asks you to guess who's going to kill whom before the dirty deed is done. There's a little sex, a little violence, but it's all quite tame. With Waters' presence, you'd expect it to have a bit more of an edge.

Production values are good, but the performances range from inspired to insipid, depending upon the episode. Of the 13 episodes here, check out "The Strip Club Murder" (for obvious reasons), "The Clown Case" (because clowns are creepy) and "The Pond Scum Murder" (with a delightfully trash perf from Megan Fahlenbock as the white-trash wife of an upper-crust politican).

Bonus features are minimal, with interviews with Waters and various members of the production team.

"?Rod Lott

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