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Time to take the doughnuts



Cops love doughnuts. Who doesn't delight in the delicacy introduced by Dutch settlers in North America? The delicious treat may pack on the pounds, but the sweet, fried dough rarely leads to allegations of parking lot urination and solicitation of a sex act.

Unless you're in Bartlesville.

A woman there faces charges of second-degree burglary, indecent exposure and soliciting of prostitution following an Oct. 11 incident. It all started when a male victim reported that a female suspect entered his truck and stole his doughnut, according to the Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise. And we're not talking about a metaphorical doughnut here.

But there's a twist! As the stereotypically doughnut-loving authorities received the report " yes, the burgled man called the cops to report a stolen doughnut " a nearby convenience store clerk spotted the suspect get out of the truck, pull down her pants and take a leak. When police questioned the gal, she told the fuzz she was "sitting on her moneymaker" and offered sexual favors to the coppers, according to the story.

Doughnuts. Is there anything they can't do?

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