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Tiny Titans #1 - DC Comics



As if the Teen Titans didn't look young enough in their recent Cartoon Network incarnation, DC Comics shrinks them to elementary-school size for "Tiny Titans," a new comic book title aimed at the young buyer.

The basic concept is that Robin the Boy Wonder and all his Titan teammates "? including Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl "? all attend school together. Jokes ensue.

Anything that encourages kids to read is admirable, but even more when it's truly enjoyable, and "Tiny Titans" looks to be that book. With a series of super-short adventures "? rather than a 22-page story "? readers aren't likely to get bored. Plus, the pieces aren't too wordy, and are lighthearted and humorous.

Boys should be drawn to this immediately, but girls also will find the cute, simple style of Art Baltazar's character designs appealing. "?Rod Lott

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