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Size matters. For artists participating in the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s annual “12x12” fundraiser, the challenge is to make a grand statement confined to the small space of the show’s title. 

“The scale is nice, because it allows you to experiment with different ways of presenting your work,” said Norman’s Grace Grothaus. “You have to take into consideration that it won’t impact the viewer in the same way.”

Like many artists, she likes working on a larger scale, so the show is an interesting survey of creative approaches to specific dimensions.

“It becomes more about the small details than it is about making a large statement,” Grothaus said.

Event co-chair Margo Shultes von Schlageter said “12x12” makes OVAC’s education grants and fellowships possible, and that its 150 artists are the cream of the crop of Oklahoma, giving patrons an approachable introduction to the state’s bustling art scene.

“It’s a party, first and foremost,” she said, “and having these small works as a party backdrop allow the guests to start or add to their own art collection without them feeling like they have to have tons of money or tons of wall space.”

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