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Tom nixed



Credit: Brad Gregg

Wonder if his board liked the way they looked firing him?

Closer to home, SandRidge’s board deemed Ward expendable just months after Aubrey McClendon, with whom Ward had founded Chesapeake Energy, was pushed out by his board. Shareholders these days seem to be more volatile than Glee fans.

But don’t cry too hard for Ward and McClendon. Both exited their respective companies with tens of million of dollars, and they both still have ownership stakes in the OKC Thunder. Plus, McClendon still has use of the Chesapeake jet for the next few years.

McClendon already has started a new company and
put out the “Help Wanted” sign. Perhaps it’s time for Ward to update his
resume and apply for a job. The two have a knack for this sort of
thing, having started with about $50,000 in the late 1980s to build the
Chesapeake empire. While there might not be a CEO position waiting for
Ward, we bet his old pal wouldn’t make the guy start out in the

If they do team up, they might want to hold off on setting up a board of directors. Just sayin’.

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