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Tone it down



In response to John D. Carlson in his letter "When worlds (almost) collide" (Oct. 13, Oklahoma Gazette), let me respond first by saying that you don't win people over to your argument by referring to them as "road geese" or "The Bicycle Bozohood," or by implying that bicyclists are lazy and don't work. I am not a cyclist myself, but I can very well guess from the tone of his letter what kind of motorist Mr. Carlson is.

Being a pedestrian who relies on public transportation to get to and from my classes at the University of Central Oklahoma, I have had to dodge a few of his ilk while crossing the street when I had the right-of way. Comparing the tone of his letter with that of Tommy Willis ("Finding Common Ground," Oct. 13, Gazette), one is relieved to find that there are sensible people in this debate. I agree with Mr. Willis that the road is not the exclusive domain of any one party, but we all must obey the law and share the roads we all pay for.

One last point: Not all cyclists (or pedestrians) are ignorant of the meaning behind "The Red Octagon" Mr. Carlson describes in his letter, and most of the cyclists I've met or talked with don't use the gesture Mr. Carlson describes at anyone on the road, especially someone who's driving a 2-ton mountain of metal and plastic that could kill them as surely as any gun. Given the tone of his letter, I suspect the one who's "plucking the yew" in these encounters is Mr. Carlson.

"Glen Garcia

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