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Legendary artist Joe Kubert revives his legendary caveman character in "Tor," the first installment in a six-issue miniseries. One can tell it's special because of the glossy pages on which it's printed. But one need not touch it to know it's special, because of Kubert's name. Although now 81 years old, the guy's still got it. His art looks the same now as it did in his prime, which is to say all his own and instantly recognizable.


Tor looks not unlike comics' other famed barbarians, Conan and Turok: long-haired, muscular, oft-shirtless and likely to run into oversized creatures. Here, a wandering Tor wakes up from a nightmare, saves a hairy child-beast from a giant prehistoric crocodile, and meets the kid's race of hairy men-beasts, before finally coming face-to-face with a four-armed man.


In other words, just as starts getting real good, the issue ends. But it's a good setup. The only drawback is that because Tor doesn't talk, there's no dialogue. It's all exposition, but Kubert's art is so strong, it could tell the story all by itself.


"?Rod Lott

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