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Credit: Brad Gregg

So when the most recent trailer for To the Wonder, his upcoming feature, recently hit the web, we expected the unexpected.

That said, we did not expect to see — starring alongside Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams — a Sonic Drive-In and Taco Bueno.

Sonic is featured quite
prominently, in fact; its neon glow apparently provided a picturesque
setting for one cast member to hold what looks like some sort of shake
in the air whilst spinning around in circles.

Poor Taco Bueno didn’t receive the same star treatment, rating a marginal role at best.

Much of To the Wonder was
filmed in and around Bartlesville and Ponca City, so when you think
about it, it’d be hard not to include these dining institutions
somewhere in a two-hour film.

But if there’s one thing to take from the trailer, it’s that no one — not even Malick — can make fast food beautiful.

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