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Touching Evil: The Complete Collection



Admit it: When you hear the words "PBS," "British" and "mystery," you think of old men in bowler hats and older women in tweed, solving crimes when not taking time out for tea.

And that often may be the case, but not when the cases belong to Detective Inspector Dave Creegan, in "Touching Evil." From 1997 to 1999, the complete series is now available in a five-disc set; all three seasons are comprised of just two to three episodes apiece, but note that each one runs 100 minutes. That's the length of a feature film! (In other words: value alert!)

Robson Green gives a great performance as the steely-eyed Creegan, using his shrewd sleuthing techniques to take down some of Britain's most hardened criminals. And even with this being PBS, the bad guys are bad with a capital B. From the first episode's swiping of a kid from a playground, the show aims to make viewers uncomfortable, making for the best kind of crime stories: the ones that seem real. With serial killers and pedophiles, It's not called "Touching Evil" for nothing.

Green's the anchor of a cast that well supports him, but my favorite star is the series' overall look. It's not "CSI" flashy, but Michael Mann would envy its rich color palette, especially in the scenes under the dark of night. Visually, they're scrumptious. "?Rod Lott

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