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Touring makes The Gunship homesick for Norman



Norman's The Gunship set out to play 50 shows in two months, and that's just what they did. From one coast to the next, the Okie rockers have been firing off round after round of its own brand of post-punk vintage rock and finding out just how special home is.

"We didn't realize just how amazing the Norman scene was until we left," said Bobby Onspaugh, the band's drummer. "There are lots of little things I miss, too. Like Pizza Shuttle and hearing the train at all hours of the night. It's gonna be real nice to hear the sirens get tested again, too."

Even though the tour has had its road bumps " like having their van broken into and trying to chase down the guy who did it " the guys have stayed really upbeat and positive.

"It's been frustrating, exhausting and incredibly stressful," Onspaugh said, "but we never have to clock in and we get to play a show almost every night. It's perfect." "Graham Lee Brewer

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