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Tower of power



On April 24, two men were arrested on trespassing complaints after climbing to the top of the unfinished building, jumping off and parachuting to the bottom, a practice known as base-jumping, according to The Oke.

Around 2:40 a.m., security guards at the tower called police to tell them that a couple of guys with parachuting  equipment were in the tower. The cop that arrived got to see them jump out and parachute to the bottom.

Then, to congratulate them for such an amazing feat and a safe landing, he arrested them and took them to jail.

sporting the wind-blown look in their mug shots, Bo Jack Baxter, 29,
and Waylon Clay Litchfield, 34, were both booked into Oklahoma County
jail on complaints of trespassing.

Why can’t all crime that occurs in this city be this awesome?

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