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Unfortunately, there's nothing "more than meets the eye" to Michael Bay's "Transformers," one of the year's biggest hits. Giant fighting robots you want, giant fighting robots you get.


"Disturbia" star Shia LaBeouf headlines as a nerdy high school kid who just wants a cool car and a hot chick. He gets the latter once he gets the former: a sleek yellow vehicle that turns out to be a shape-shifting robot from outer space. Named Bumblebee, it's just one of several Autobots, which are at war with the evil Decepticons, and the greater Los Angeles area unwittingly and unluckily gets to play host to this heavy metal carmageddon.


LaBeouf is an affable presence, although at nearly two and a half hours, his shtick wears thin "? as does the movie. This is too bad, because he's the only likable human among an overstuffed cast. The robots fare no better, inexplicably made to perform slapstick comedy routines that are embarrassing to watch; the fact that one raps shows you who the target audience for this thing is, yet my 10-year-old son gave up on it with an hour to go.


It's almost worth seeing just for the excellent effects, which of course are the subject of most of this two-disc set's bonus features.  


"?Rod Lott


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