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Traveling Oklahoma man allegedly carries hatchet, just in case



Sometimes, people just need to take a breather. 

After Oklahoma City man Robin Shelman cut a woman off in traffic last March in Missouri, the 23-year-old and the unnamed victim pulled into a Steak 'n Shake parking lot, according to an article from The Associated Press. Let's just say they weren't there for the fries.

The two got into a yelling match, slinging profanities near to where the Steak 'n Shake employees sling their delicious, delicious burgers. Apparently, however, yelling just didn't get the point across for Shelman, according to AP. No. What he needed was sharper. Maybe something with a handle? Police say he just happened to have a hatchet (!) in his car and pulled that little beauty out. We're guessing the point was quickly taken on the woman's part.

OK, let's pause. A hatchet? Is this Paul Bunyan we're talking about? Unless you're fairly certain you'll be needing to a) chop down a sapling for firewood, or b) defend yourself from a grizzly attack, what is a hatchet doing in someone's ride?

Lucky for the woman (and lucky for us, story-wise), the police showed up on the scene and Shelman gave them an explanation for the hatchet.

Apparently, Shelman is a "juggalo." A what? Oh yeah. A juggalo " a name that probably hasn't been printed or uttered in the news since, oh, 1999. A juggalo is a term for a fan of Insane Crown Posse, or ICP. We'll give you a second to stop laughing. Yes, ICP " the group all of our mothers told us we weren't allowed to listen to " still performs and has fans. And Shelman is one of them. According to AP, juggalos have been accused of hatchet incidents in the past.

Sadly, Shelman and his hatchet have had to part ways for a bit after a judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail. Shelman reportedly pleaded guilty to attempted assault on a law enforcement officer and third-degree assault.

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